RedTube at the AVN Awards – Phoenix Marie, Inari Vachs and Dana DeArmond speak to Allan Lake

Back at the AVN Expo and we have more sexy pornstars speaking to me, one of them even uses my sex toy on herself!

Firstly we speak to pornstar Phoenix Marie. She fucking loves my British accent! It turns her on so much that she needed to play with my sex toy to sort her out!

Pornstar Inari Vachs flirts with us a little and Dana DeArmond even shows me a little nipple! Thanks to all these girls at the AVN Expo for talking to us, we have tonnes of Red Carpet interviews and more from the AVN for you a little later.

Check out more on for all you AVN needs!

Allan Lake

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43 Comments for RedTube at the AVN Awards – Phoenix Marie, Inari Vachs and Dana DeArmond speak to Allan Lake

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